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Developing Websites since 2015

SEO traffic increase
PPC revenue increase
Conversion rate increase
Qualified leads increase
* The average results that we provide for our clients in projects.
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We understand your pains

1. The Frustration of a Poorly Built Website. Ever feel like you’re pouring money down the drain with paid ads and SEO, only to be held back by a sluggish website? It’s a common struggle. Many businesses launch into advertising without realizing their websites are dragging them down.

2. Navigating the Web Development Maze. Finding the right web developer is like navigating a crowded market. There’s a flood of offers from inexperienced developers promising the moon at a low price. It often leads to pixel-pushers and page builder enthusiasts building websites that constantly need rebuilding.

3. The Pitfalls of Cheap Web Development. The allure of cheap web development can be tempting, but it often results in bad design and missed milestones. It’s a gamble that can waste your time, money, and leave you with an ineffective online presence.

4. Tangled in Third-Party Cloud Builders. The abundance of offers from page builders like Wix, Webflow, and Shopify can be a headache. Monthly subscriptions, restrictions, and poor SEO optimization – it’s a tough spot to be in.

5. Design Disaster from Pixel Pushers. Ever received a website from a “pixel pusher” instead of a real designer? It’s like getting a beautifully wrapped gift with nothing inside. Poorly designed websites not only hurt your brand image but can also confuse and drive away potential customers.

6. The SEO Nightmare. Imagine investing in a website only to find out it’s practically invisible on Google. Many developers overlook SEO fundamentals, leaving your website drowning in a sea of online content. It’s not just about looking good; it’s about being seen.

7. Misleading Promises. Have you been enticed by promises of overnight success from other agencies? We’re here to burst the bubble. Unlike others, we don’t make fake promises. We sign a contract only when we’re confident about delivering results, never leading you on with empty assurances.

8. Overrun by Inexperienced Competition. The market is flooded with self-proclaimed experts who’ve barely dipped their toes into web development. It’s like hiring a chef who just learned to boil water. Our seasoned team brings over a decade of experience, standing strong amidst the sea of amateurs.

Uwindi digital agency team

What will you get with us?

1. A Full-Service Website Development Journey. Since 2015, our team has been on a mission to simplify your website journey. From the basics of marketing analysis to crafting wireframes, designing, coding, mobile adaptation, and SEO optimization – we’ve got you covered every step of the way.

2. Craftsmanship and Experience. With over a decade of experience, 100+ happy customers, 120+ completed projects, and 8 brands successfully launched, we’re not just a team; we’re your partners in success. Our strong team of programmers, designers, and experts is here to make your vision come alive.

3. Beyond Websites: Holistic Advertising Management. We’re not just about websites; we’re about making your business thrive online. Our expertise goes beyond development – we’re your go-to team for PPC, traffic management, and comprehensive advertising solutions.

4. SEO Magic. Getting noticed on Google is an art, and we’ve mastered it. Our projects don’t just look good; they’re SEO powerhouses. We tweak robots.txt, sitemap.xml, fill meta tags and more to ensure your website shines on search engines.

5. Crystal Clear Communication. We don’t believe in mysteries. Our process is as transparent as it gets. Detailed estimates, clear contracts, and monthly reports – we keep you in the loop. No hidden fees, no surprises.

6. Your Brand, Your Design. Your brand is unique, and your website should be too. We’re not fans of generic designs. Our custom designs are tailored to give your brand a distinct identity. Trust us; it makes a difference.

7. Empowering You. We believe in empowerment, not dependency. You get full access to domains and hosting, no strings attached. Your website, your control – that’s our mantra.

8. More Than Tech: Real Support and Guidance. We’re not just here for the technicalities. We’re your guides in the online world. We provide meaningful support, share insights, and make sure you understand the ins and outs of your online presence. Because success isn’t just about websites; it’s about making your business thrive.

9. Meaningful Support After the Launch. Our commitment doesn’t end at launch. We provide ongoing support, ensuring your website stays top-notch. Whether it’s updates, tweaks, or just answering your questions, we’re here for you.

10. Proactive SEO Optimization. We don’t just stop at launching your website; we actively work on SEO optimization. We make sure your site not only looks good but ranks high on search engines, bringing in organic traffic.

11. Affordable Excellence with Global Reach. Quality doesn’t always come with a hefty price tag. With half our team based in CIS countries and beyond, we deliver top-notch services without breaking the bank. Affordable excellence with a global touch—that’s our promise.

12. Transparent and Honest Contracts. No hidden clauses or surprises. Our contracts are crystal clear, detailing every service and cost. Monthly reports keep you in the loop, ensuring you know exactly what you’re paying for.

13. Distinctive Identity in a Crowded Market. Stand out in the noise of competitors. We don’t settle for generic designs. Our custom-tailored approach ensures your website not only functions seamlessly but also reflects the unique identity of your brand.

14. Your Website, Your Control. We believe in empowering you, not holding you hostage. Gain full control over your website with access to domains and hosting. Say goodbye to being tied to proprietary platforms and codes.

15. More Than Web Design—Strategic Guidance. We’re not just about designing websites; we’re about crafting online strategies. We provide insights into the dynamics of online presence, helping you understand the digital landscape and make informed decisions for your business.

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Websites development cost

The prices listed below are indicative. The final cost may vary and depends on individual business distinctions, project scope and features.
  • Landing Page Pricing

    • A custom-designed landing page development based on marketing analysis with a unique selling proposition.
    • It is a one-page site with full-fledged website functionality ready for advertisement and further development as your main website.
    • We also make multi-landing pages for particular cases to test ideas and check the market demand.
    • A landing page is ideally applicable for SMBs and start-ups who are just starting and need to create a solid foundation for further online presence development.
    $650per month for 6 months or $3,500 one-time payment 
    • Project discovery
    • Concept negotiations
    • UX wireframes, UI kit development
    • Commercial copywriting
    • Custom-designed page layout
    • Up to 10 licenced photos from Envato
    • Up to 5 AI images from Midjorney
    • Domain, hosting, CMS installation
    • SSL sertificate for https://
    • Mobile adaptation
    • Robots.txt, Sitemap.xml
    • SEO meta-tags filling
    • Modals, forms output
    • Basic CSS animations
    • Speed, images optimization
    • 404 Page, Privacy Policy
    • Google Tag Manager installation
    • Deploy on server, QA testing
    • 3-month support
    • 1-year warranty
  • Multi-Page Website Pricing

    • A custom-designed website development tailored to business needs with custom-designed pages and page templates.
    • It is a multi-page website with advanced functionality ready for advertisement, SEO and further development as your main business website.
    • We implement cutting-edge technologies, make the websites as fast as possible and stick to a mobile-first design approach in development.
    • Multi-page website development ideally fits businesses ready to grow, increase revenue, and dominate the market.
    $750per month for 12 months or $8,000 one-time payment 
    • Project discovery
    • Concept negotiations
    • UX wireframes, UI kit development
    • Commercial copywriting
    • Custom-designed page layouts
    • Up to 20 licenced photos from Envato
    • Up to 5 AI images from Midjorney
    • Domain, hosting, CMS installation
    • SSL sertificate for https://
    • Mobile adaptation
    • Robots.txt, Sitemap.xml
    • SEO meta-tags filling for pages
    • Modals, forms output
    • Basic CSS animations
    • Speed, images optimization
    • 404 Page, Privacy Policy
    • Google Tag Manager installation
    • Up to 12 pages included
    • Deploy on server, QA testing
    • 3-month support
    • 1-year warranty
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    Why work with us?

    Focused on ROI
    All our services are focused on growing our customer's revenue. We build high-conversion websites with effective layouts and engaging content as a part of the sales funnel.
    Individual Solutions
    We provide bespoke, high-quality web solutions at a reasonable cost. We never use any bloated builders such as Elementor or pre-designed templates since many of our competitors do.
    Team & Experience
    A seasoned team of experts with years of practice, proven by projects and customers' testimonials. Over 120+ completed projects for over 100+ companies worldwide.
    Unique Software
    We provide our web app for call and lead tracking, A/B testing, multi-landing, marketing analytics. You receive a cutting-edge solution for traffic management.
    Jul P
    A well-designed website is an investment with always a high return.
    year of foundation
    B2B clients
    in-house team

    Clients, projects

    Morinda (USA)
    Industrial City
    Motic (USA)
    Safe Space
    Larger Box (GE)
    NTC Bakor
    CVP Clinic
    Freight Village
    GDP Quadrat
    Renne Group
    Ice Land
    Since 2015, we have completed more than 120 projects. We are cooperating with Toby Award winner Construction Alliance, the largest "A" class warehouse owner in Europe, MLP, and the US manufacturer of scanners for digital pathology, Motic, and more than 50 companies have succeeded with us.
    our clients
    Case Preview Motic En
    Created a series of landing pages for Motic, a manufacturer of precision scanners and software for laboratories and hospitals around the world, headquartered in the United States.
    Case details
    Case Preview Icpark En
    IC Park
    Nowadays, Industrial City is a brand that encompasses several industrial parks with modern warehouses. We have been promoting the brand since the start of construction. The project was awarded the international ProEstate & Toby Awards 2019.
    Case details
    Case Preview Ambar App En
    Ambar App
    We developed an online storage management service and integrated it with the warehouse WMS system, building up all processes for client service operations.
    Case details
    Case Preview Cvp En
    CVP Clinic
    The CVP Clinic is a network of cosmetology clinics represented by the well-known equipment manufacturer, Melsytech. We created a lead generation system, a corporate website and elevated the brand to the top of the market.
    Case details
    Line CircleWe have completed more than 120 projects. See more case studies.

    About agency

    Uwindi is a web agency based in Dallas, Texas, serving clients across the United States. Since 2015, we have been creating websites that help attract new clients. Our mission is to ensure the growth and prosperity of our client’s businesses with the help of the best web development and marketing practices, the expertise and experience of our team, and our software technologies.

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    Testimonials: check what other companies says

    We have completed 120+ projects for 100+ companies in real estate, manufacturing, logistics, construction and other segments.
    I tried to get help from several other web agencies, but they just took my money and didn't solve my problem. I was fortunate that I found the Uwindi agency. The team immediately identified the problem, restored the website in the search results, optimized the Google Business Profile, added a link to the website to the organization's business card, and installed Search Console on the website for further SEO management. It was so quick and effective that they fixed everything, and my website was restored to Google Business and Google Search within three days. I was so glad that I met the Uwindi team and strongly recommended them as top experts in an industry where there are a lot of immature people posing themselves as professionals.
    Nazokat Alimova, CEO at Naz CPA Tax
    We had to manually record information about all our properties and tenants, and Excel spreadsheets became a nightmare for us. Thanks to the developed application, we now have to spend less time entering and analyzing data, and our managers get all the data they need to track tenants' rental status. We suggest UWINDI as a group of professionals in web application development and business process automation for business tasks.
    Ilya Pronichkin, Head of Tenant Relations Department at MLP
    Mr. Tesov and the Uwindi team have given us great support. Based on our very positive experience, we will definitely expand the areas of our cooperation. As for Mr. Tesov's personality, I would like to highlight his proactive, responsible approach, his impressive professional background in digital marketing and his ability to solve tasks quickly and smoothly within a tight deadline. I am happy to recommend Mr. Tesov and the Uwindi team in the fields of digital marketing and web development and look forward to further cooperation.
    Jojo Dea, Marketing Manager at Motic Digital Pathology
    It was a tough goal for us to relaunch our business and rebuild a new site since we lost access to the old version. Moreover, the results of our previous advertising efforts were poor. With the Uwindi team, everything has changed. They did a great job, rebuilt our website, and created profitable digital advertising, which now allows us to develop our business and ensure stable growth.
    Evgenia Filimonova, CMO at CVP CLinic
    We contacted Uwindi to promote our educational services and products. The Uwindi team improved the outcome of our paid advertising and multiplied the ROI of our investment in Google Ads. PPC has become the most efficient channel for our business. Since the beginning of our cooperation, we have almost tripled our revenue and the number of our clients. We are in the process of opening offices in various locations and rapidly expanding our business in the education market. We are very satisfied with the cooperation with Uwindi team for several years and appreciate the competent PPC ad management.
    Alexander Efremov, CEO at Iteco
    With the support of the Uwindi agency, we effectively launched a new brand called Ambar and a brand-new storage solution. Because of Uwindi's marketing strategy and advertising management, we get over 500 potential customers every month. Ambar has become a profitable business unit and helped us exceed the company's all-time record for revenue.
    Natalia Belova, CEO at Ambar Warehouse
    Since 2018, the Uwindi agency has been responsible for our marketing. The agency's team has helped us introduce our brand to the warehouse market and build sales for our recently constructed commercial parks. We sold almost all the blocks of the first park after 7 months of advertising! We also won the 2019 ProEstate & Toby Awards as a result of a broad marketing campaign.
    Andrey Zaslavsky, Strategic Development Director at Industrial City Park
    The result of the marketing project has exceeded our expectations! We receive rental requests for our Class "A" warehouse complexes on a daily basis, and both the number and quality of requests have increased significantly. As a result of our cooperation, we have achieved an absolute rental record for all warehouses of up to 97%.
    Gleb Belavin, Deputy CEO at MLP
    Reviews Male
    The agency's professionals created a marketing proposal, a website and placed advertisements as part of our cooperation. The result was that within the first few days of lead generation, we were receiving leads and calls and even signed a contract with a new client. Today, our warehouse is full of clients. The Uwindi agency has changed the way we look at Internet advertising. Now we know that in the right hands, this tool is one of the most powerful for business development.
    Sergey Smirnov, CEO at Iceland
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