Ambar is a subsidiary business unit of our customer. We launched a new brand in a competitive self-storage market from an idea and led it to the market leaders in a year.
Cooperation since: 2019
Marketing Strategy · Landing Page · Brand Design · Video Production · Web Dev · App Dev · Advertising · SEO · CRM implementation · Uwindi App · Support
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Project details

The goal was to launch a new brand and storage concept for individuals in large warehouses, as well as establish a manageable client acquisition system for business growth. The project began with the idea of increasing the profitability of existing warehouse facilities since we already fill them with large B2B customers.
We negotiated the concept and concluded to offer self-storage services to a wide audience, including individuals and entrepreneurs. That's how Ambar has started to become a reality.
Img.1: One of the staged advertising videos.
We researched the self-storage industry and created a marketing strategy, a visual brand concept, promotional videos and staged photos, a website, and a CRM, as well as connecting our application, the Uwindi App, for lead and call tracking and analytics. Following that, we launched massive advertising campaigns and SEO promotion.
We also developed a unique web application for the customer to manage warehouse processes such as delivery orders, automatic payments, and online storage management in personal accounts. But this is a different story, which we described in our Ambar Web App case study.
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Img.2: Staged photo and video shooting with professional actors.
Today, we continue to develop the project with performance marketing, technical support, and functionality improvement services for the web app. Since we have already attracted over 4,000 active users with monthly fees, the business unit is rapidly growing.
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Img.3: How has revenue changed since our cooperation (data is taken from a public source).

The outcome

Successful launch and promotion of a new brand in the competitive self-storage market. Over 500 incoming leads, calls and registrations per month. Storage space profitability has more than tripled. We increased the profitability of warehouse premises and ensured revenue growth for our client.
With the support of the Uwindi agency, we effectively launched a new brand called Ambar and a brand-new storage solution. Because of Uwindi's marketing strategy and advertising management, we get over 500 potential customers every month. Ambar has become a profitable business unit and helped us exceed the company's all-time record for revenue.
Natalia Belova, CEO, Ambar Warehouse
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