GK NEO is a construction company that builds commercial real estate. We developed a corporate name, a logotype and brand look, and a website with a presentation of the projects.
Project date: 2020
Naming · Brand Design · Web Dev
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Project details

The project goal was to present the construction company's services and projects to large state customers, as well as to create a name, logo, and website. We developed the brand name "GK NEO" and picked up a short domain name. Then, we created a corporate logo and business cards, a website with a presentation of services and projects, and a construction cost calculator.
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The outcome

The customer got a new brand with a discreet design and a succinct concept, as well as a modern-looking web site with service calculation costs. The new brand image resulted in an overall improvement in business relations with state-owned enterprises and increased the number of invitations to public tenders with large volumes of orders.
Reviews Male
We contacted the agency on the recommendation of our partner. We needed to create a new brand, a concise name, a design and a website for the company to participate in construction tenders and be trustworthy for new partners. The team at Uwindi approached the project in a creative way - they presented the brand concept to us, and we were thrilled with it. We got a modern-looking website, logo and corporate identity that will now help us win big construction contracts with state-owned companies.
Sergey Boyarin, CEO, GK Neo
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