Ice Land

Ice Land is the owner of class "A" multi-temperature warehouses. We filled the vacant space in the new warehouse within three months of advertising.
Project Date: 2020
Marketing Strategy · Web Dev · Logotype · Advertising
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Project details

The client reached out to us on recommendation at the completion stage of one of the warehouse complexes. The task was to launch lead generation and fill the warehouse as soon as possible, because downtime brings losses.
We started the lead generation project with a study of the multi-temperature storage market and an analysis of competitors. This allowed us to develop an effective promotion strategy for the new multi-temperature warehouse, taking into account the specifics of the location and related services. We made different offers for each audience based on the temperatures at which they were stored, including blast chilling.
We also organized the shooting of a promotional video for the warehouse in order to increase the landing page conversion rate. It happens because the visitor immediately gets the necessary content in the video to make a decision. We organized on-site video shooting and completed the project's final editing.
The next step was the development of a company logo and name for the brand. Then we developed a landing page with A/B testing of USPs for target audiences. We connected our web app for lead generation management and set up multilending, A/B testing, call tracking, and analytics.
After all preparations were made, we set up contextual advertising for commercial and thematic key words in Google Ads, separately worked out video banners, and set up placement on media platforms. We connected bid automation to redeem maximum conversion traffic from the target audiences.
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The outcome

With the help of advertising and promotion, the customer got a contract during the first week of paid advertising. Over 300 requests are received to rent multi-temperature storage facilities. It took only 3 months to fill the warehouse with tenants from the moment the warehouse was put into operation.
Reviews Male
The agency's professionals created a marketing proposal, a website and placed advertisements as part of our cooperation. The result was that within the first few days of lead generation, we were receiving leads and calls and even signed a contract with a new client. Today, our warehouse is full of clients. The Uwindi agency has changed the way we look at Internet advertising. Now we know that in the right hands, this tool is one of the most powerful for business development.
Sergey Smirnov, CEO at Iceland
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