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Kosmos Logistic is a provider of storage and logistics services. In 3 months of advertising, we filled the warehouse space with 12,000 m2 and built up a consistent lead generation system.
Cooperation since: 2016
Marketing Strategy · Web Dev · Uwindi App · Video · Advertising · CRM implementation
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Project details

The client asked us to quickly reduce the amount of empty space and get clients for 3PL services so that we could fill three of the 12 000 m2 buildings in the warehouse complex. The location was challenging with because there were no good roads near the warehouse, and the market was very competitive. Nevertheless, we achieved the goal, let us to explain how.
We developed a marketing strategy to promote the company's 3PL services, formed a value proposition, and emphasized a set of services for different types of businesses. Then, based on the information received, we developed a website describing storage, handling, and delivery services.
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We connected the tenant's personal office to the site to manage the cargo in the warehouse. The tenant's personal account was another advantage because it increased the convenience of storage for small customers.
We also implemented CRM and built sales management processes, integrated all communication channels with customers, and automated the movement of potential deals through the sales funnel.
We organized the filming of a promotional video of the facility on site inside and from the air by drone, as video today is an important tool for communicating with the audience. We also developed the design of vehicles for the fleet in a corporate style. Finally, we launched paid advertising, including remarketing for the warehouse audience of competitors.
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The outcome

The client filled 12,000 m2 with new tenants in 3 months. The digital marketing system reduces the risk of downtime and eliminates the need to use brokerage agencies. The customer obtained a manageable tool to attract new tenants when it is required.
We doubted that the Internet could be a serious source for attracting customers, but we achieved excellent results in terms of the number of inquiries and calls, and we managed to fill the warehouse in just 3 months!
Evgeny Belov, CEO at Kosmoslogistic
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