Minisklad is a network of self-storage warehouses. We launched a new brand from an idea to filling all warehouse terminals in six months, ensuring a quick start and business development.
Project date: 2017
Marketing Strategy · Brand Design · Web Dev · Landing Pages · Advertising · CRM implementation
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Project details

The goal was to develop a go-to-market strategy and bring the company into the self-storage market from scratch, build marketing and sales, and attract new customers. It was necessary to build marketing and sales systems and fill the warehouse with new tenants as soon as possible.
We started the project with the creation of a visual brand concept, a corporate identity, and a logotype. As the basis of the logo concept, we took a simple shape, representing a square storage box.
After that, we studied the current market situation and competitors and realized that there were no offers for small spaces, which are so convenient to store tires, and other non-gabarite personal belongings. As a result, we developed the USP for 1 m3 cubes at a low cost and highlighted it in our advertising materials.
We developed a website, integrated a CRM, and connected communication channels to it. We also provided sales training to managers to ensure that sales were performed effectively. Finally, we created all promotional materials and launched a massive Google Ads advertising campaign.
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The outcome

It took only 6 months to fill warehouse after the new brand launch. Our client received a solid marketing system for attracting new tenants and developing business. We generate over 500 leads and calls monthly for the sales department. 13.9% is the site conversion rate.
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We thank Uwindi agency for great marketing services for our brand. Now we have a stable digital marketing system that helps us to attract new customers, quickly expand our business and fill the warehouse terminals.
Alena Tarasevich, CEO, Amet Technologies, Minisklad
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