Created a series of landing pages for Motic, a manufacturer of precision scanners and software for laboratories and hospitals around the world, headquartered in the United States.
Cooperation since: 2021
Marketing Strategy · Landing Page · Support
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Project details

Motic has produced a new line of high precision scanners and contacted us for marketing support. The introduction of new products is always a very responsible phase for any company. We had some negotiations about the details and after that we agreed to work together.
The goal was to present the new product line to different types of customers within a tight deadline. We decided to create landing pages that would highlight the key features and benefits of the new scanners for target audiences.
We start development with a thorough analysis of the high-precision scanner market in the U.S. It helped us figure out how to position the MoticEasyScan New Infinity product line against key competitors.
Understanding the differences between the target audiences allowed us to highlight the USPs for each audience on the landing page, namely hospital and laboratory managers and pathologists.
We created the design layouts of the landing pages in strict compliance with the company's corporate identity. Then we took over the programming and optimized the landing pages on the web server.
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Additionally, we created a "lead magnet" to increase landing page conversion rates when using paid advertising. This lead magnet collects emails and forwards them to Sales Force and Mailchimp.
We also set up Google Analytics and integrated forms with Zapier. This opened up many opportunities for further integration and data exchange with various cloud platforms and services used by our client.
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The outcome

Our client received new landing pages to demonstrate the benefits and features of the new MoticEasyScan New Infinity products to pathologists, physicians, laboratory managers and hospital administrators.
The Motic team reported to us that marketing and sales goals for customer acquisition were fully achieved during the 2022 advertising campaigns. Our landing pages also had a high conversion rate during the advertising campaigns. Based on the positive project experience, we have planned our cooperation for new projects next year.
Mr. Tesov and the Uwindi team have given us great support. Based on our very positive experience, we will definitely expand the areas of our cooperation. As for Mr. Tesov's personality, I would like to highlight his proactive, responsible approach, his impressive professional background in digital marketing and his ability to solve tasks quickly and smoothly within a tight deadline. I am happy to recommend Mr. Tesov and the Uwindi team in the fields of digital marketing and web development and look forward to further cooperation.
Jojo Dea, Marketing Manager
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