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Renne Group is 3PL provider. Renne Group signed a contract with Coca-Cola in the first week of advertising and reached x3 times growth of business in 2 years.
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Project details

Even though the customer had a website, it was unable to provide sales leads. The goal of the project is to attract new tenants as soon as possible since downtime on the warehouse premises brings losses.
We created a marketing strategy, researched the market, identified target audiences, and identified geo-related keywords related to responsible storage in the customer's region. Then we built a website with a presentation of services, the company, and case studies and prepared a separate landing page for responsible storage services.
We connected the landing page to the Uwindi app and set up multilending there based on the needs and geo-requests of the target audience. After, we launched advertising on Yandex and Google, worked through commercial groups of keywords on responsible storage, and set up analytics. and made a/b tests of value propositions for different types of audiences.
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The outcome

The customer signed contracts with Coca-Cola in the first week of the PPC ads. Renne Group quickly filled empty warehouse spaces in our first year of cooperation. A well-designed digital marketing system tripled the turnover of 3PL services, number of clients, truck fleet.
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To be honest, we didn't believe that even one new tenant would come to us from the website. Now that we've changed our minds about Internet marketing, we've set up a sales department to handle requests!
Sergey Bishir, CEO at Renne Group
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