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Digital Marketing Agency in Dallas, Texas. We develop high-converting websites, applications, design brands, launch profitable advertising & SEO to drive sales.

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Morinda (USA)
Industrial City
Motic (USA)
Safe Space
Larger Box (GE)
NTC Bakor
CVP Clinic
Freight Village
GDP Quadrat
Renne Group
Ice Land
Since 2015, we have completed more than 120 projects. We are cooperating with Toby Award winner Construction Alliance, the largest "A" class warehouse owner in Europe, MLP, and the US manufacturer of scanners for digital pathology, Motic, and more than 50 companies have succeeded with us.
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Case Preview Motic En
Created a series of landing pages for Motic, a manufacturer of precision scanners and software for laboratories and hospitals around the world, headquartered in the United States.
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Case Preview Icpark En
IC Park
Nowadays, Industrial City is a brand that encompasses several industrial parks with modern warehouses. We have been promoting the brand since the start of construction. The project was awarded the international ProEstate & Toby Awards 2019.
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Case Preview Ambar App En
Ambar App
We developed an online storage management service and integrated it with the warehouse WMS system, building up all processes for client service operations.
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Case Preview Cvp En
CVP Clinic
The CVP Clinic is a network of cosmetology clinics represented by the well-known equipment manufacturer, Melsytech. We created a lead generation system, a corporate website and elevated the brand to the top of the market.
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Line CircleWe have completed more than 120 projects. See more case studies.

Why work with us?

We deliver ROI
All our services are focused on growing our customer's revenue. We build high-conversion websites as a part of the sales funnel.
Custom solutions
We provide bespoke web solutions We never use any bloated builders such as Elementor/Wix or pre-designed themes & templates.
Proven track record
We have an experienced in-house team, over 120+ completed projects, 100+ customers worldwide, and 30+ letters from happy clients.
Unique software
Our web software tracks calls, leads, A/B tests, multi-landing, and marketing analytics. Our clients get advanced traffic management and analytics.
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Our services

We help businesses boost sales and return on investment (ROI) through digital marketing, custom web creation, pay-per-click (PPC) and SEO, and support services.

Website Development

Our custom web development services are tailored to meet your specific business needs. Get a website that is optimized for performance and user experience.
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Web Application Development

Elevate your digital presence with our bespoke web app development services. Transform ideas into seamless solutions. Crafting Custom Web Apps for your vision!
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Maintenance & Support

Website Maintenance and Technical Support Services. Ensure performance & security. Get hassle-free website maintenance & development.
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SEO Services

Comprehensive SEO promotion and optimization services for websites. Technical and search engine optimization, copywriting, link management services.
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PPC Advertising

Boost visibility with expert PPC management. Maximize ROI through targeted ad campaigns. Elevate your business with our proven PPC strategies.
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Hourly-based support

Do you need some help or fix some issues? We provide hourly-based support for websites, web applications, and integrations. 
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We provide own software

We developed own web application for A/B tests, multi-landing pages, lead tracking, call-tracking, traffic analysis. Bring your advertising to the next level of profitability.
  • Multiple landing pages management
  • Call-tracking and recording
  • A-B testing of content
  • Ads monitor and statistics
  • Built-in CRM system
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Meet our team

People are the most important asset of any company. Our team consists of specialists with more than 10 years of experience in their own field.
Meet the team
Team Kostya
CEO, Project Manager
Team Slava
Head of Web Development
Team Andrey
Traffic Manager
Team Jenny
QA Engineer
Team Olya
Graphic Designer
Team July
Content Creator
Jul P
A well-designed website is an investment with always a high return.
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About Uwindi agency

Uwindi is a Digital Marketing Agency. Since 2015, we have been creating websites and running advertising that help attract new clients. Our mission is to ensure the growth and prosperity of our client’s businesses with the help of the best digital marketing & web development practices, the expertise and experience of our team, and our software technologies.

Any business is a set of managed systems, and a website, as a marketing system, creates an added asset to the company. We build comprehensive websites so that the growth of new customers is stable and predictable.

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About us
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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions here, so feel free to send us a message if you do not find what you are looking for.

How could your website increase sales?

We develop websites based on marketing analysis and SEO optimization without templates, themes and bloated builders like Elementor or Divi, Wix or Webflow. Our websites are built from the ground up for the company's needs and evolve with the business, attracting customers and supporting the company's profit growth. A conversion-oriented website with a well-thought-out design, fast loading speed and SEO optimization always works better than an ordinary website, even if it has a good design.

How much are you charging for services?

We have set the prices for our services on the basis of an hourly rate. Our clients receive detailed estimates based on their needs and business objectives. For example, the average price for developing a one-page website (landing page) is $2,5–5k, including analysis, prototyping, web design, programming, launch and QA testing. Depending on complexity, a custom website costs $5–10k, e-commerce store — $10-15k, a web app can cost $15–20k. We always strive to meet our clients' expectations and are flexible with pricing. We have a variety of technologies and approaches that allow us to optimize the client's investment in the project without sacrificing quality or results. The price per hour is $70 and for monthly services such as SEO, the price starts at $1k. You can always contact us for a free consultation and quote for your needs.

What industries do you work with?

Our web development agency has more than a decade of experience in serving clients from various industries. We provide services to manufacturers, warehouses, commercial real estate brokers, logistics and transportation companies, construction companies, agro-industrial complexes and various B2B business services. However, if you belong to a different industry, we can work out the solution for your company. The classic marketing approaches and solutions work in every industry, only the tools and channels may vary. We strive to deliver tangible commercial results and take on a project when we are convinced of the return on marketing investment.

Is it risky to get a website at the lowest cost?

When ordering a low-cost website, keep in mind that it could cost you a lot more money in the long run. In that case, the website is typically built using pre-made templates, a constructor such as Elementor, and free plugins, or even Wix/Webflow, with little regard for speed, optimization, and future scaling. We frequently redesign such websites when a client approaches us after saving money on development, as advertising and support become difficult. If you decide to promote your business based on such website, you will waste your PCC and SEO budget. It is critical to understand that quality requires time and money, but it will yield a high return on investment in the long run.

If you are looking for a business partner, you must know this ...

We live in tough economic times where you can easily get lost in a sea of promises that lead nowhere. Are you tired of falling into the traps set by inexperienced folks out there? Let us lift the curtain on. We have been working in digital marketing since 2015 and have heard many sad stories since most clients come to us after wasting their budget with another agency. Let’s consider the most common situations that are better to avoid to save money and time.

Plugin or theme jockeys. They build Elementor/Divi websites with bloated code, low performance, and low design quality. They use popular ready-to-go free or paid themes from stocks based on Divi/Elementor. It costs less, but the price will ultimately be wasting your money on SEO and PPC. You will get a website that search engines will recognize as copies of another site used by other businesses. Miser pays twice. 

Figma pixel pushers. They don’t understand what impacts conversion and profit. Instead, they provide layouts that benefit only their portfolio rather than your business. You get wrong-designed websites from people who unfollow UI/UX fundamentals, wireframing, don’t prepare UI Kit, don’t follow marketing and AIDA principles, etc. Good luck with advertising on such a website in the future as well.

Cloud builders like Wix & Webflow. These options might seem tempting, but are you sure you want to be linked to 3thd third-party cloud builder with many restrictions and a ridiculous monthly subscription fee? Hello to Wix/WebFlow/Shopify! Moreover, if you need additional functionality, it will cost you a lot since modules and plugins in this platform are based on monthly fees. You can easily pay over $300 monthly to have a website working with additional fields, functionality, a few apps (plugins), and several users who can access your website. Eventually, as soon as you recognize that your cloud builder cannot fulfill your business’s needs, you pay again to rebuild your website on classic CMS such as WordPress, October, etc.

Foreign agencies & freelancers. Foreign agencies and freelancers are trying to grab a piece of the US market; it is not a secret. The flip side of such a partnership may be the following issues: limited knowledge of the US market, communication barriers & delays, low-quality work, unreliable support, challenges in enforcing contracts, and security risks with sensitive data. If your business is business and not just a side hustle hobby, think twice before relying on this type of partner. The price if you choose the wrong person may be a hefty penny.

Long story short, the devil is hiding in details. Check your potential partner carefully, study the contract, and check relevant experience, especially projects, testimonials, and the team behind the agency. Learn how the process is organized, and discuss the deliverables. Follow this, and you will significantly reduce the risk of poor marketing results and invest your budget more efficiently.

What will you get with us?

We deliver ROI. Instead of promises that lead nowhere, we offer step-by-step strategies that return your investments to website and advertisement. We know what works and what does not.

Clear communication. We onboard all projects to BaseCamp, where you will have a personal online chat with our team, including all assets, discussions, team tasks, and project breakdowns.

High-convertible websites. Our websites are designed to convert visitors into customers, driving sales growth. With a well-designed website, everything is more accessible, no matter which traffic channel you use: SEO, PPC, social media, etc.

Transparency. Our detailed reports and data management software give you complete visibility into where your money goes and what results you’re getting. We provide exact estimations, clear contracts, and monthly reports about what particular services we are doing for our customers.

Project management. We add the project to our project management system — BaseCamp. Here, you will see the process & tasks. We also upload your files, project assets, layouts, ideas, and essential info to the separate BaseCamp directory. You also will have a dedicated online chat with our team, which is included in the project. You can always send as a request, ask for additional support, set a task or ask your question. Website building is a complicated process, and we aim to make the development process as clear as possible.

Clean yet attractive design. We do not build festival websites but revenue-generators for business. Your business needs revenue first instead of fancy decorations. We prefer building simple, effective websites with good copywriting tailored to your brand.

Our unique software. You get access to our custom software, which allows you to conduct A-B testing, track calls, and leads, and increase the sales effectiveness of managers. You can also use a built-in CRM system there. We offer a a comprehensive approach to launch and manage advertising and provide the whole platform. It shows our experience in PPC and traffic management.

We don’t bind clients to us. Not honest web developers trying to link you to their platforms, code, and solutions forever. You get all access by explaining how to use CMS, domain, and hosting. We won’t lock clients with us. It is prevalent when developers host websites on their platforms and services and make your business depend on them. 

But don’t just take our word for it. Our extensive portfolio speaks volumes, with over 120 completed projects and new brands launched. And with 30+ hand-signed recommendations from satisfied clients, you can trust that you’re in good hands. Our track record speaks for itself – we’ve tested our ideas with millions of dollars and perfected our approach to ensure results that matter.

We guarantee that you will receive top-quality service from our agency. We never guarantee you will earn much money since this is a scam promise. So, if you choose an agency, ensure you work with the right one without being fascinated by fake promises. Otherwise, it will cost you your time multiplied by your money.

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