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Sustainable result
We deliver sustainable results and exceed client expectations through an integrated approach to strategy, SEO, website development and support, and our in-house technologies.
Unique software
We provide our unique web application for call and lead tracking, marketing analytics, A/B testing, multi-landing, and fraud protection. Our customers receive a cutting-edge solution for traffic management.
Solid team
We have a well-coordinated team and project procedures. The agency's employees have years of practice, confirmed by customer reviews, projects, and certificates.
Proven experience
We have completed over 120 projects for 100+ companies, including new brand launches. Our team has extensive and in-depth experience in web development and increasing revenue in various business areas.
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Why do customers rely on UWINDI

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When choosing an agency, you are looking for a reliable partner to deliver commercial results to your business. Why do clients choose Uwindi? Let the facts speak for themselves:
  • We have been providing services since 2015.
  • Over 120 projects completed for more than 100 companies.
  • 8 new brand development and market launch.
  • Officially certified as marketing communications experts.
  • Jury members of International Advertising Festival, the Silver Mercury.
  • Jury members of the Runet Rating Competition where we estimate top industry web apps and sites.
  • Members of the Marketing Guild, RASO and ARDA.
  • Participated at industry and international conferences: ProEstate, Warehouses, etc.
  • 20+ publications in scientific and industry journals “Sales Management”, “Internet Marketing”, “Marketing and Marketing Research”, “Advertising. Theory and Practice”, “Sales Management”.
  • We have developed our own web app for performance-marketing and SEO, increasing the ROI of online advertising (traffic analytics, call-tracking, lead-tracking, A-B site testing, multi-landing).
  • We have proven expertise in warehouse and commercial real estate, logistics and transportation, manufacturing, industrial equipment, engineering, construction services, esthetic medicine, charitable foundations, education, e-commerce, finance, and B2B services.
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We are focused on building websites as digital marketing systems that create a sustainable competitive advantage, multiply profit, and grow our client's business.

Mission, principles, vision

The reputation we have earned over the years is much more important than immediate profits.  We work responsibly, systematically, long-term with companies that understand the importance of high-quality web development & SEO, are willing to grow and expand own business.

Every company has a mission and principles by which it operates. We, too, have principles that underpin Uwindi actions.

Respect for business, people, and consumers. The foundation of business is respect and equality of parties, so we work with companies that are also guided by this principle.

Honesty with customers, consumers, and ourselves. Honesty and integrity are essential requirements for a solid business relationship.

Continuous development of the company, employees and customer businesses. Working to improve products and solutions, skills and knowledge, technologies and approaches ensures business development as one.

Responsibility is at the core of a trusting partnership. When we commit, we keep it. The company’s reputation is more valuable than its profits.

Win-win approach. We only enter into a contract if it is worthwhile for the customer, beneficial for the company, and interesting for all parties involved. Only mutual interest ensures long-term, sustainable success.

We do not take on projects that pose a high risk of budget waste or lack of business readiness for development and growth, and we avoid products with doubtful market demand.

Our mission is to ensure the growth and success of our client’s businesses through Uwindi’s cutting-edge web development & SEO technologies. WE DO — YOU WIN.

Konstantin Tesov,
Managing Director
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A well-designed website is an investment with always a high return.
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Meet our team

People are the most important asset of any company. Our team consists of specialists with more than 10 years of experience in their own field.
Meet the team
Team Kostya
CEO, Project Manager
Team Slava
Head of Web Development
Team Andrey
Traffic Manager
Team Jenny
QA Engineer
Team Olya
Graphic Designer
Team July
Content Creator
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