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Morinda (USA)
Idustrial City
Motic (USA)
Safe Space
Larger Box (GE)
NTC Bakor
President Service
Freight Village
GDP Quadrat
Renne Group
Ice Land
Since 2015, we have completed more than 120 projects. We are cooperating with Toby Award winner Construction Alliance, the largest "A" class warehouse owner in Europe, MLP, and the US manufacturer of scanners for digital pathology, Motic, and more than 50 companies have succeeded with us.
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Motic — web dev services for scanners manufacturer in U.S.
Developing a series of landing pages for Motic, a U.S. manufacturer of precision scanners and software for laboratories and hospitals around the world.
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Ambar Warehouse — new brand and service from scratch
From the concept to comprehensive digital marketing, website development, and paid advertising management, we brought a new storage brand to market. We developed the web app and integrated it with the customer's IT infrastructure.
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Industrial City — marketing for selling storage property
Comprehensive marketing for the largest developer in Russia — "Building Alliance", owner of 7 industrial parks. The project won the international ProEstate & Toby Awards. We have been promoting the brand and attracting buyers since the launch of the project.
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MLP — marketing for the largest storage owner in Europe
Promotion of the market leader in A-class warehouse real estate in Europe (1.8 million m2 of squares). Due to marketing activities we achieved the lowest vacancy ever and an occupancy rate of 97%.
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Iteco — digital marketing for professional education services
Iteco is an educational center providing professional development services. We organize a performance marketing from scratch and currently provide up to 400 inbound leads per month.
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Safe Space — launch a new brand in self-storage
Launched a new brand named Safe Space by the German company Larger Box into the competitive self-storage market and built the customers' acquisition system.
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Lenpharma — landing page for pharmaceutical warehouse
Launched the new brand Safe Space of the German company Larger Box on the competitive market of self-storage, and organized the attraction of new customers for storage units in Moscow.
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La Story — shop support of Anna Sedokova, the famous signer
Support and development of Anna Sedokova's online clothing store — LA Story. We help to increase sales and provide user support. We also developed and supported her personal website.
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We have completed more than 120 projects. See case studies.

What we offer

We provide performance marketing and web-development services. All our tools and approaches are focused on growing our customers' businesses and sales.

Marketing strategy

We develop a marketing strategy based on comprehensive marketing analysis, determine traffic channels and technologies, create a media plan, and calculate ROI.
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Web development

We build websites which help to sell goods and services, attract new clients from scratch including prototyping, web design, programming and integrations to IT customers' infrastructure.
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We create and launch ads on Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram. We manage ad campaigns, conduct a/b testing, improve website conversion rates, reduce the cost of inbound lead.
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Technical support

Complete technical support and development for sites & web applications. We protect site from attacks, optimize code, integrate and support online services via API.
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Graphic design

We create a memorable and unique brand identity — logotypes, designs for branded products, business cards, clothing, vehicles, bags, and other brand accessories.
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CRM implementation

Setting up pipelines, integration of communication channels with customers — websites, messengers, setting up IP-telephony, and useful widgets. Build automation of sales processes.
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Audit & consulting

Individual consultation from experts in marketing, advertising, web development, and design. Audit of your website and advertising campaigns, development of recommendations.
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Having a question?

Let's get in touch and have a short conversation. We offer you a solid strategy and the most effective tools for achieving the result.
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Own web app for awesome results

We developed own web application for A/B tests, multi-landing pages, lead tracking, call-tracking, traffic analysis. Bring your advertising to the next level of profitability.
    Multiple landing pages management
    Call-tracking and recording
    A-B testing of content
    Ads monitor and statistics
    Built-in CRM system
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Meet our team

People are the main value of any company. Our team consists of specialists with 10+ years of experience in own professional field.
Konstantin Tyesov
Project Management
Web development
Ads management
Content & Social
Graphic Design
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About agency

Uwindi is an internet marketing agency. Since 2015, we have been building marketing systems, helping to attract clients, launching and promoting brands. Our mission is to ensure the growth and prosperity of our clients' businesses with the help of best marketing practices, the expertise and experience of our team, and our own software and technologies.
Any business is a set of managed systems, and internet marketing, as a managed system, creates an added asset to the business. We build comprehensive digital marketing systems so that the growth of new customers is stable and predictable.
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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions here, so feel free to send us a message if you do not find what you are looking for.

How could you increase sales for my business?

Nowadays, it is not enough to just make a website or launch a pay-per-click campaign. The result is only possible if all approaches are used in one system. We develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy and manage all aspects of the project. It allows us to deliver expected commercial results to our customers. We also use our own web application for lead tracking, call tracking, and A/B testing. We test different value propositions for each target audience in order to achieve the highest conversion rate possible.

How much are you charging clients for your services?

We have fairly priced our services based on an hourly estimate. Every customer gets a detailed price estimate according to their needs and commercial goals. For instance, the average price of landing page development is around $5,000-6,000, including marketing analysis, prototyping, web design, programming, launching, and testing on the server. The price for a custom website starts at $10,000, webapp — 20,000$ +. We always try to meet the customer's expectations and are quite flexible in terms of pricing. We have a variety of technologies and approaches that help us optimize customers' investments in the project without sacrificing quality or results. The price per hour starts at $70 and depends on the complexity and scope of the work on a particular project. You can get a free consultation from us and receive a cost estimate for your needs at any time.

What industries do you specialize in?

Our digital marketing agency has more than a decade of experience serving clients in a vast range of industries. We provide services to manufacturers, warehouses, commercial real estate agents, logistics and transportation companies, construction companies, agro-industrial complexes, and a wide array of B2B business services. Nevertheless, if you belong to a different industry, we are also able to elaborate on the right strategy and solution for your company. Since classic marketing approaches and solutions work for any industry, only the tools and channels may vary. We strive to deliver tangible commercial results. That's why we never take on a project or client until we are certain of the return on marketing investment for our customer.

How many inbound leads is your agency able to bring?

We have clients who get up to 700+ leads per month with an average bill and clients who get 1-2 leads per day for a sales potential of tens of thousands of dollars. Clearly, the number of leads can vary depending on the industry, advertising budget, competitive activity, and current market demand. We do our best to achieve the maximum possible result in terms of the client's budget and commercial goals. If we see high risks at the start of marketing, we discuss them with our potential clients and try to eliminate them or refuse our cooperation. It is much better to have a strong reputation in the market, be focused on long-term cooperation, and help our potential partners than to earn money in every way.