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Advertising management services for PPC channels, from Google Ads to Facebook Ads and other platforms. We focus on conversion points such as advertising, websites, and sales.
Time & pricing
Setting up and launching advertising campaigns in one system takes one month. Managing advertising campaigns costs $700 monthly or 12% of a monthly budget.
Individual PPC solutions

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Team Andrey

What’s the best place to start when you need new customers for your business? What gives the best results? The answer is contextual advertising. This type of advertising is closest to the consumer searching for a solution and ready to buy.

We offer a comprehensive solution — a system of attracting customers for business with the help of contextual media advertising, which solves a complex of issues related to promoting your goods and services on the Internet.

We help our clients reach their buyers on the most effective paid platforms, from Google Ads to Facebook ads. We’ve managed millions of dollars in PPC budgets over the years and learned what makes a significant relationship between a client and their PPC agency.

We developed our PPC management web application based on what produces the best results for our clients while maintaining the highest level of transparency, increase conversion and sales.

Inst Uw

UWINDI helps clients manage their PPC campaigns towards their goals

Build the system
We build and manage an internet marketing system with contextual advertising that will work for your business 24/7. We create an advertising system of interconnected components such as website, ads, analytics, multi-landing pages, call tracking, and A-B testing.
PPC return on investment
The payback of advertising in projects takes 1-3 months on average. We also set up pay-per-conversion advertising campaigns to increase the efficiency of advertisers' investments.
Focus on sales increase
We not only create and run advertisements, but we also manage the website, analyze applications and phone calls, and provide templates for preparing sales scripts to improve client results.
Unique web app
We created and use our own software to improve the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, analytics, and call tracking, which includes a CRM system as well.
Comprehensive approach
Your business receives a well-thought-out marketing strategy and solutions to increase website conversion rates as well as comprehensive support for your website and PPC advertising campaigns.
Team Kostya
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Providing PPC advertising management services to businesses since 2015

- 32%
Decrease in
+ 220%
PPC Advertising ROI Increase
+ 55%
Landing Page Conversion Rate Increase
+ 40%
Increase in Click Through Rate (CTR)
* The average results generated for our clients in our projects.

Clients, projects

Morinda (USA)
Industrial City
Motic (USA)
Safe Space
Larger Box (GE)
NTC Bakor
CVP Clinic
Freight Village
GDP Quadrat
Renne Group
Ice Land
Since 2015, we have completed more than 120 projects. We are cooperating with Toby Award winner Construction Alliance, the largest "A" class warehouse owner in Europe, MLP, and the US manufacturer of scanners for digital pathology, Motic, and more than 50 companies have succeeded with us.
our clients
Case Preview Motic En
Created a series of landing pages for Motic, a manufacturer of precision scanners and software for laboratories and hospitals around the world, headquartered in the United States.
Case details
Case Preview Icpark En
IC Park
Nowadays, Industrial City is a brand that encompasses several industrial parks with modern warehouses. We have been promoting the brand since the start of construction. The project was awarded the international ProEstate & Toby Awards 2019.
Case details
Case Preview Ambar App En
Ambar App
We developed an online storage management service and integrated it with the warehouse WMS system, building up all processes for client service operations.
Case details
Case Preview Cvp En
CVP Clinic
The CVP Clinic is a network of cosmetology clinics represented by the well-known equipment manufacturer, Melsytech. We created a lead generation system, a corporate website and elevated the brand to the top of the market.
Case details
Line CircleWe have completed more than 120 projects. See more case studies.

We offer the following management services

Our PPC management service includes the following ad channels:

  • Google Ads (Search & Display Network)
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Youtube Advertising
  • Linkedin Ads
  • Bing Advertising
  • Twitter Ads
  • Remarketing / Retargeting (across search engines and social platforms)
ppc management service

Stages of setting up and managing PPC advertising

Analysis, strategy
We analyze the segment and competition, create an advertising strategy, and choose channels based on the characteristics of the target audience, business and product features.
Semantic core parsing
Collect key words that customers use to search for a product or service. We make clustering groups by the needs of target audiences and search behaviours.
Minus words gathering
We perform minus-words parsing — words for which it is necessary to exclude the display of advertising campaigns in order to avoid wasting budget on non-business-oriented directions.
Gathering sources of placements
We collect the contextual-media advertising network sites where the graphic or video ads will appear. Precise site selection is crucial for successful advertising.
Ads preparation
Prepare text, video and graphic ads tailoring to ad system placement formats. We generate up to 5 ads for one cluster of keywords to conduct A-B testing.
Setting up the strategies
We set advertising strategies and display regions to achieve maximum ROI. Here we set bids based on available budget, ad groups, and campaigns.
Integrations and analytics
We connect web analytics, conversion goals, and other online services to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising and increase the website's conversion rate.
Test launch
Based on the test launch data, we negotiate the potential outcome and risks with the customer. Then we adjust the bids and keywords, make the final adjustments, and start displaying ads.
PPC management service
24/7 PPC management services: we control everything, timely update bids and keywords, and adjust strategies following the client's objectives.
Inst Uw
Team Jenny

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What does monthly PPC maintenance include?

Semantic core & campaigns expansion. Any semantic core is initially limited, as it cannot consider all effective keyword combinations. Expand semantics to increase the effectiveness of advertising. We also add minus-words to exclude a non-target audience and visits. Creating new PPC campaigns to strengthen brand presence and find new markets.

Remarketing / Retargeting. We launch advertising by those who have already been on the site, entered specific keywords, visited competitors, and by the target audience groups. We use dynamic and search retargeting, as well as look-alike advertising. We also use polygonal advertising by regions where your customers are with up to 10 km accuracy.

Increasing the conversion rate. We provide conversion optimization services to increase profit and sales for our clients. We conduct research and elaborate and test new hypotheses on the website. After getting results, we choose the best option and implement it on the website.

Performance & cost optimization. We analyze ad campaign statistics and metrics to determine the most cost-effective queries, ads, and strategies. Bid optimization allow to reduce advertising costs significantly within 2-3 months.

A-B testing. We create up to five ad variants for the A-B test and identify the most converting ad. We also conduct A-B testing of USPs on the website by means of our own unique web application.

Call-tracking / lead-tracking. We use our system for tracking requests and calls and integrate it with CRM with a transfer of data on requests and calls, including records of conversations.

PPC service pricing

One-Time PPC Setup + First Month Management

  • Strategy, budgeting, account review/setup $500
  • Keyword research & grouping$700
  • PPC Campaign setup in account$1,000

Monthly Management Fee Structuture

Spend level is based on per channel/network spend (unless otherwise noted), so $5k in Google and $5k in Facebook/Instagram is not $10k and would use $5k rates. This pricing model is suggested. Custom quotes are available for businesses with different structures and are discussed individually.

  • < $5,000 $700
  • $5,000 – $9,99915%
  • $10,000 – $19,99912.5%
  • $20,000 – $99,99910%
  • $100,000 – $499,999 $10k
  • $500,000 – $999,999 $20k
We are focused on building websites as digital marketing systems that create a sustainable competitive advantage, multiply profit, and grow our client's business.

How do we approach PPC campaign management?

What makes UWINDI’s PPC advertising service so effective? We have a high level of expertise in marketing which is confirmed by our certificates and Guild of Marketers, but there are other reasons. We have a bunch of principles and steps which must be followed. And I am glad to share it!

Before the project starts, we conduct a comprehensive marketing investigation of the audience, competitors, market demand and client’s business. If we see obstacles to achieving results, we will discuss them with the client beforehand. Based on thorough analysys, we elaborate USPs (Unique Selling Prepositions) and PPC strategies with a deep understanding of the customer product & services & business. We show all the details of our work, answer all questions, and do as much as necessary for the result.

How do we achieve results in sales for customers? The reason is that we work not only with advertising but with all elements of the lead-generation system, including analytics, website and building sales processes in CRM.

We have developed our PPC management software — a “Swiss knife” for PPC projects which allows us to create multi-landing pages, conduct A-B testing of USP, track leads and calls, and perform in-depth advertising analytics.

Our mission is to ensure the growth and success of our client’s businesses through Uwindi’s cutting-edge marketing approaches, expertise and technologies. WE DO — YOU WIN.

Konstantin Tesov,
Managing Director

Meet our team

People are the most important asset of any company. Our team consists of specialists with more than 10 years of experience in their own field.
Meet the team
Team Kostya
CEO, Project Manager
Team Slava
Head of Web Development
Team Andrey
Traffic Manager
Team Jenny
QA Engineer
Team Olya
Graphic Designer
Team July
Content Creator

Download the Checklist: PPC Campaign Management Success

This checklist will help your audience effectively manage their PPC campaigns for optimal results. Remember, effective PPC campaign management involves continuous learning, adaptation, and optimization. Use this checklist to ensure you're covering essential aspects to drive successful PPC outcomes.
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Ppc Management Service Checklist

Testimonials: check what other companies says

We have completed 120+ projects for 100+ companies in real estate, manufacturing, logistics, construction and other segments.
I tried to get help from several other web agencies, but they just took my money and didn't solve my problem. I was fortunate that I found the Uwindi agency. The team immediately identified the problem, restored the website in the search results, optimized the Google Business Profile, added a link to the website to the organization's business card, and installed Search Console on the website for further SEO management. It was so quick and effective that they fixed everything, and my website was restored to Google Business and Google Search within three days. I was so glad that I met the Uwindi team and strongly recommended them as top experts in an industry where there are a lot of immature people posing themselves as professionals.
Nazokat Alimova, CEO at Naz CPA Tax
We had to manually record information about all our properties and tenants, and Excel spreadsheets became a nightmare for us. Thanks to the developed application, we now have to spend less time entering and analyzing data, and our managers get all the data they need to track tenants' rental status. We suggest UWINDI as a group of professionals in web application development and business process automation for business tasks.
Ilya Pronichkin, Head of Tenant Relations Department at MLP
Mr. Tesov and the Uwindi team have given us great support. Based on our very positive experience, we will definitely expand the areas of our cooperation. As for Mr. Tesov's personality, I would like to highlight his proactive, responsible approach, his impressive professional background in digital marketing and his ability to solve tasks quickly and smoothly within a tight deadline. I am happy to recommend Mr. Tesov and the Uwindi team in the fields of digital marketing and web development and look forward to further cooperation.
Jojo Dea, Marketing Manager at Motic Digital Pathology
It was a tough goal for us to relaunch our business and rebuild a new site since we lost access to the old version. Moreover, the results of our previous advertising efforts were poor. With the Uwindi team, everything has changed. They did a great job, rebuilt our website, and created profitable digital advertising, which now allows us to develop our business and ensure stable growth.
Evgenia Filimonova, CMO at CVP CLinic
We contacted Uwindi to promote our educational services and products. The Uwindi team improved the outcome of our paid advertising and multiplied the ROI of our investment in Google Ads. PPC has become the most efficient channel for our business. Since the beginning of our cooperation, we have almost tripled our revenue and the number of our clients. We are in the process of opening offices in various locations and rapidly expanding our business in the education market. We are very satisfied with the cooperation with Uwindi team for several years and appreciate the competent PPC ad management.
Alexander Efremov, CEO at Iteco
With the support of the Uwindi agency, we effectively launched a new brand called Ambar and a brand-new storage solution. Because of Uwindi's marketing strategy and advertising management, we get over 500 potential customers every month. Ambar has become a profitable business unit and helped us exceed the company's all-time record for revenue.
Natalia Belova, CEO at Ambar Warehouse
Since 2018, the Uwindi agency has been responsible for our marketing. The agency's team has helped us introduce our brand to the warehouse market and build sales for our recently constructed commercial parks. We sold almost all the blocks of the first park after 7 months of advertising! We also won the 2019 ProEstate & Toby Awards as a result of a broad marketing campaign.
Andrey Zaslavsky, Strategic Development Director at Industrial City Park
The result of the marketing project has exceeded our expectations! We receive rental requests for our Class "A" warehouse complexes on a daily basis, and both the number and quality of requests have increased significantly. As a result of our cooperation, we have achieved an absolute rental record for all warehouses of up to 97%.
Gleb Belavin, Deputy CEO at MLP
Reviews Male
The agency's professionals created a marketing proposal, a website and placed advertisements as part of our cooperation. The result was that within the first few days of lead generation, we were receiving leads and calls and even signed a contract with a new client. Today, our warehouse is full of clients. The Uwindi agency has changed the way we look at Internet advertising. Now we know that in the right hands, this tool is one of the most powerful for business development.
Sergey Smirnov, CEO at Iceland
Inst Uw
Expert PPC Management Service

Why do other businesses trust us to manage their PPC campaigns

Uwindi Circle Text

Since 2015, UWINDI Agency has been customizing contextual advertising and attracting customers to our partners’ businesses. We have completed over 120 projects for over 50 companies and launched 8 new brands.

We build a managed system for business development based on a well-thought-out website, customized advertising based on the needs of the target audience, CRM-system, and complex analytics to evaluate the profitability of Internet advertising.

UWINDI has extensive project experience in customer acquisition and lead generation in a variety of industries, ranging from real estate to medicine.

Are you looking for a partner to help you increase your business’s profitability through professional PPC management? There is no need to look any further! Consider the following compelling facts:

  • We have been providing services since 2015.
  • Over 120 projects completed for more than 100 companies.
  • 8 new brand development and market launch.
  • Officially certified as marketing communications experts.
  • Jury members of International Advertising Festival, the Silver Mercury.
  • Jury members of the Runet Rating Competition where we estimate top industry web apps and sites.
  • Members of the Marketing Guild, RASO and ARDA.
  • Participated at industry and international conferences: ProEstate, Warehouses, etc.
  • 20+ publications in scientific and industry journals “Sales Management”, “Internet Marketing”, “Marketing and Marketing Research”, “Advertising. Theory and Practice”, “Sales Management”.
  • We have developed our own web app for performance-marketing and SEO, increasing the ROI of online advertising (traffic analytics, call-tracking, lead-tracking, A-B site testing, multi-landing).
  • We have proven expertise in warehouse and commercial real estate, logistics and transportation, manufacturing, industrial equipment, engineering, construction services, esthetic medicine, charitable foundations, education, e-commerce, finance, and B2B services.

Frequently Asked Questions about Our PPC Management Service

Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about PPC maintenance services. If you can't find what you are looking for — send us a message!

What is PPC management, and how can it benefit my business?

PPC management involves the strategic optimization and administration of Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns. This service can help your business significantly by increasing online visibility, driving targeted traffic to your website, and ultimately improving your return on investment (ROI). For instance, if you're a local bakery, our PPC management can help potential customers find you when they search for "best cupcakes near me," driving foot traffic and boosting sales.

How do you create effective PPC strategies?

Our process begins with a thorough examination of your company's goals and target audience. To identify high-performing keywords, we conduct extensive keyword research. Then, our team creates compelling ad copy and determines the best bidding strategies. Ongoing optimization ensures that your campaigns remain on track with your objectives. Let's say you run an online clothing store. Our process begins with understanding your target audience, such as fashion-forward millennials seeking trendy apparel. We then craft compelling ad copy and choose keywords like "affordable fashion trends," ensuring your ads resonate with the right customers.

What is ad testing, and why is it crucial?

Ad testing involves creating multiple variations of ads in order to evaluate their performance. We look at ad headlines, copy, images, and calls-to-action. We improve click-through rates, conversion rates, and overall campaign effectiveness by continuously testing and refining ads. Imagine you offer online fitness classes. Ad testing involves experimenting with different headlines and images. For instance, we might test "Achieve Your Fitness Goals" against "Transform Your Body Today." By analyzing which version gets more clicks, we fine-tune your ads for optimal engagement.

How do you track the effectiveness of advertising campaigns?

We use advanced tracking tools to keep track of key metrics like clicks, impressions, click-through rates, conversion rates, and cost-per-click. These insights enable us to make data-driven decisions and optimize your campaigns. We also use our unique web application to track calls, leads and ad effectiveness. By measuring conversion rates (customers who buy), we assess the ad's true impact, helping us allocate resources effectively and generate higher revenue.

How transparent is your PPC maintenance?

Transparency is a core value for us. We provide detailed, easy-to-understand reports that showcase the progress and performance of your campaigns. You'll have a clear view of where your budget is allocated and the outcomes achieved. For instance, if you're a travel agency, you'll see the clicks and conversions resulting from your "dream vacation" ads, giving you insights into campaign success.

What if there are obstacles to achieving desired results?

We're honest about challenges. If we identify obstacles, we'll communicate them and collaborate on solutions to ensure your campaigns perform optimally. We believe in collaborative problem-solving to ensure the best possible results. Let's say you're a startup offering a unique software solution. If we detect challenges like high competition, we'll inform you promptly. Together, we might adapt your ads to focus on your software's distinctive features, overcoming obstacles for better results.

How do you ensure a unique selling proposition (USP) on my website?

We focus on understanding your business's strengths, values, and competitive advantages. By highlighting these factors, we create a compelling and unique selling proposition that resonates with your target audience, setting your business apart from competitors. For instance, if you're an online electronics store, we'd examine market data to find that tech-savvy customers often use search engines. We'd focus on Google Ads, using keywords like "best smartphones" to attract those seeking the latest gadgets.

How involved am I in the campaign creation process?

Your involvement is essential. We collaborate closely with you to gain insights into your business goals, preferences, and unique offerings. Your input guides our strategy, ensuring that the campaigns reflect your vision. Let's say you run a photography studio. We'd collaborate to understand your vision, ensuring our ads reflect your artistic style. Your feedback helps us create campaigns that resonate with potential clients looking for unique photography experiences.

Are there limitations on the number of ads and requests you handle?

There are no strict limitations. We customize our services to meet your specific needs. Whether you require a few focused ads or a comprehensive campaign with a range of ad formats, we'll ensure each element is optimized to achieve the desired results. For example, if you're launching a new product line, we'll create a comprehensive campaign with multiple ads showcasing various product features. No limits mean we tailor our efforts to achieve your desired results, regardless of campaign complexity.

How long does it take to set up an advertisement?

The first advertising campaigns take one month to set up, and optimization takes up to three months. During this time, we add new advertising campaigns and optimize existing ones to ensure that impressions and incoming requests are as effective as possible. To avoid budget overruns on untargeted queries and sites, we launch advertising campaigns gradually, testing hypotheses at the outset.

What kind of budget is required for PPC advertising?

In general, the budget is determined by the business's segment and the level of competition in the advertising auction. A $5,000 or more budget is required when considering contextual advertising for commercial keywords. Traditionally, there is fierce competition for potential clients' attention and display in B2B segments. It is also worth noting that today's advertising systems favour advertisers who have been running campaigns for the longest time without stopping and have a consistent reserve of funds in their advertising accounts. We help to reduce budget consumption and the cost of attracting a client through marketing analysis, site conversion work, and the quality of advertising materials.

Is it possible to get legal guarantees of outcomes?

In the Internet advertising market, if you are promised a commercial result, it is likely false. Many factors beyond the advertising agency's control influence the outcome of advertising promotion, including the business segment and level of competition, the amount of the advertiser's budget, seasonality, the level of demand at the time, competitive pricing, etc. The agency can guarantee high-quality services for advertising customization and management, which can be verified using analytics and advertising campaign indicators. Of course, the agency's interest is long-term cooperation and successful commercial results for the client, so the client is willing to continue partnership and development with the agency in the long term.

We already have advertising but no leads. What's wrong?

As a rule, after launching advertising, it takes time to achieve a steady flow of new clients. Usually, 2-3 months are enough to conduct the first advertising tests and evaluate the promotion performance. Therefore, it is essential to realize that it takes time also for a set of statistics of the site and advertising campaigns to make any conclusions. If you ordered advertising and site, but the result after 2-3 months and did not get, it is a reason to think. Contact us for a free audit of the project. We will help you find the points of growth and determine the reasons for the low efficiency of lead generation.

How long does it take to turn a profit?

We're talking about 2-3 months if all of the elements of the lead generation system are appropriately set up. This amount of time is sufficient to assess the site's conversion rate and the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. During rotation in the advertising auction, the first 1-2 weeks of advertising pass moderation and gain statistics. The advertising system then assigns actual indicators rather than predicted ones and displays advertisements based on the quality of the advertising materials and landing page.

Why is a professional advertising agency so hard to find?

After 3-4 attempts, clients often ask us to customize contextual advertising. He also often gets duped by unscrupulous contractors promising "golden mountains". He wasted time thinking he had spent money on advertising and customer acquisition. The client's desire to save money on services escalates since anyone can customize advertising. Like playing the piano, pressing the right keys at the right time is easy. Advertising promotion services are highly competitive today. Research shows that over 80% of Internet marketers have less than three years of experience. After courses "how to earn on advertising on the Internet 10 thousand and live in the Maldives", often emerge experts. How do new "experts" find customers? The answer is simple: mislead, promise crazy results, and undercut the market price to lure gullible customers into the expertise of others. We recommend choosing a partner based on cases and experience.

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